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Cyber Certified Experts (CCE)® Program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What qualifies as proof of military service (Vets verse active duty)?
Please ensure to encrypt, BLACK OUT, or otherwise protect any sensitive information.

Proof of service may include:

  • Active Duty: Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)
  • Veterans: Service Verification through your eBenefits account (preferred, see steps below); Veteran Identification Card (VIC); or Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty DD 214.

The Department of Veterans Affairs makes validating military service easy. Just follow these steps: Login to eBenefits > Click on the eBenefits logo (top left) > Click on VA Letters link > Click on Service Verification link > Print to .pdf

Once registered how long do I have access?
Registration must occur within one (1) year of purchase. Once registered, access to the exam expires in sixty (60) days. Once the exam has started, you must complete the exam within a single session in the allotted timeframe.

How many attempts do I have at passing the exam?

Each Exam Pass or Discounted Retake provides only a single attempt. If the Exam Reload Package is purchased, you receive the initial Exam Pass, plus one additional Retake, if necessary.

Retakes are only available after you have failed to pass the initial exam. Retakes are limited to the same exam associated with the initial CE credential and must be taken by the same individual who took the initial exam.

Please review the CE exam policies for additional terms and limitations.

Is the exam timed?  How long is the exam?
Each exam is timed (varies from 60-150 minutes), the specific time limit is provided upon registration and can be requested in advance by emailing

Is this an open-book exam?
This is not an open-book exam. Study notes, online materials, or other resources, including providing or accepting assistance is not appropriate and would violate exam policy. Additional exam policies can be reviewed at

What is the passing grade?
There is a minimum score of 70% to successfully pass each exam.

What is the exam format?
Candidates are required to apply cyber concepts and experience to a series of exam items, including multiple choice, T/F, and scenario-based questions. Exams are static; presenting the candidate with a fixed set of items in a variety of difficulty levels.

Which certification is best for me?
Our exams offer a variety of concentrated areas. It is best to target the one that is of most value to you and that will best highlight your experience and knowledge.

If you successfully pass ANY exam (score 70% or higher), than you would qualify for the Certified Expert ASSOCIATE-level. If you want to earn the EXPERT-level, you will need to ensure that you can show proof of the requisite experience (each certification is different, please review the certifications on our website for requisite experience).

How should I prepare/study? Do you offer training?

Take a spin through the website and select the certification(s) of interest. Authoritative Sources are listed for each, and are the best resources to review in preparation.

Should you want additional training based on those authoritative sources, SCS Training has a variety of options. It is important to keep in mind that the Training and Certification Programs are independent from each other; CE exams are not based on any SCS course. However, the additional training may be of value to understand the topics (if desired). Visit the SCS online course catalog and email with any training-specific questions.

How can I get access to the listed Authoritative Sources?
These industry standards are available online in their respective site. We have consolidated a list of direct links to many of the top level domains, CLICK HERE. These are external to Lunarline’s website, and the URLs may change periodically. Should you notice any broken links, we welcome feedback to

What does vendor-neutral mean?
Vendor-neutral certifications attest to the candidate’s knowledge of the subject. Vendor-neutral certifications validate the candidate’s unbiased knowledge of technology principles.

The School of Cyber Security (SCS) Cyber Certified Experts (CCE) Program offers certifications designed to reflect knowledge of cyber processes and terminology. Our vendor-neutral exams are specifically aligned with industry-recognized standards, and offer a variety of concentrated areas. A candidate is assessed by:

  1. Reviewing Experience: A minimum number of years in cyber and the associated skill set is required for Expert level certification.
  2. Testing Competence: The candidate is required to apply cyber concepts and experience to a series of exam questions.
  3. Ongoing Development: Maintenance of a certification requires the accumulation of ongoing professional development credits (PDCs) annually.

What are the annual requirements?
Each certification must be renewed annually; requiring 20 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) and payment of a $75 certification renewal fee.

Do I need to take the test after being certified?
Certification Holders can maintain their credential by submitting an annual fee and 20 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) on an annual basis, and will not need to retake the exam.

What are eligible Professional Development Credits (PDCs)?
Certificate Holders can earn PDCs through a variety of opportunities. The goal of PDCs is to ensure that your certified competencies stay relevant and up-to-date. PDC activities must relate to topics that are substantially consistent with the Concentration Area for your credential. There are many opportunities to earn PDCs. Examples include completing a higher academic course, attending educational/training courses and seminars, attending conferences, attending vendor presentations, preparing for presentation/lecture/training, publishing a security article or book, completing self-study, etc.

Additional details and instructions for submitting PDCs are available in the Certification Holder Policies and Guidelines. We hope that being a Certificate Holder is rewarding and we strive to make earning PDCs as simple as possible.


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